Housing Plans

Whether a young person needs a safer place to stay for a few nights, is seeking transitional housing, or is aging out of foster care and needs housing support, Oak Tree Youth Resources seeks to offer housing assistance for youth ages 17-24.

Transitional Living Program

Services in Durango, CO offered through the Transitional Living Program (TLP) are designed to help young people who are struggling with housing insecurity. The TLP provides services to help young people develop skills necessary to move towards independence and live as healthy, productive, self-sufficient adults. The TLP can provide youth with stable living accommodations for up to 12 months.

  • Youth must be working full time or part time, if attending school
  • Youth pay renters deposit (when necessary)
  • Youth pay (below market) monthly rent and establish rental history
  • Oak Tree Resources provides twin bed, pillow, sheets and household furniture
  • While in the Transitional Living Program, youth can learn independence
  • Money management, budgeting, consumer education, use of credit
  • Basic life skills
  • Interpersonal skill-building
  • Educational opportunities, such as GED preparation, and vocational education
  • Job attainment skills
  • Mental and physical health care
  • Recommendations to providers of Individual, family, and group counseling, as appropriate

Contact us at oaktreedurango@gmail.com or 970-335-9667

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