Since our humble beginnings in February 2020, Oak Tree Youth Resources has worked with hundreds of youth who cannot live at home due to many reasons, such as parental substance abuse, neglect, turning age 18, or youth pregnancy. As we support youth with their basic needs, education, employment, and housing instability, we can make a difference in youth’s lives and have an impact on our communities.

An Oak Tree is strong, steady, and rooted. The branches of the tree get battered in the wind, yet it remains strongly rooted regardless of the season.  In the tiny acorn there is a promise that has not yet come to pass. When planted, the acorn can grow into a strong and sturdy tree.


Oak Tree Youth Resources serves youth in Southwest Colorado as a partner with Colorado’s Rural Collaborative on Runaway & Homeless Youth. This is the state’s collective effort to end youth homelessness within the rural counties.

Your gift goes directly to supporting our programs and services for under-served youth of Southwest Colorado.

The financial support of area communities means we can continue to provide the resources a youth needs to avoid or exit homelessness and live a better life. We are grateful for your support!

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Oak Tree Youth Resources has partnered with to securely process your online donation. Oak Tree Youth Resources has federal tax-exempt status from the IRS as a public charity under Section 501(c)(3). Contributions to Oak Tree Youth Resources are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Federal Tax ID #88-0741674

Location: 1150 A Main Avenue Durango, CO 81301

Mailing Address: PO Box 3105, Durango, CO 81302

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