Our mission is to offer youth facing various hardships support with education, employment and life skills as we walk alongside them to prevent youth homelessness, and promote a healthy well-being.

Our vision is to offer youth facing challenges in Southwest Colorado a chance to live healthy lives in safe, stable housing while engaging with a supportive community.

Youth homelessness is often rooted in family conflict and many times young people do not feel safe. Many youth struggling with housing instability have experienced significant trauma before and after becoming homeless and are particularly vulnerable. Other contributing factors include economic circumstances, racial disparities, pregnant and parenting youth, mental health struggles and substance use disorders by parents and/or youth. Young people who have had involvement with the child welfare and juvenile justice systems have a higher chance of suffering housing instability.

Impacts on unhoused youth all lead to trauma: Instability, Vulnerability, Becoming a victim of assault, Mental Health problems, Disrupted Education, Obtaining and keeping track of personal documents, Finding a job, Poor health and nutrition.

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1150 A Main Avenue Durango, CO 81301

Mailing Address: PO Box 3105, Durango, CO 81302

Please donate at https://givebutter.com/UY3aQg

Governing Documents, Conflict of Interest Policy, Form 990, Form 1023, IRS Determination Letter, and Year-End Financial Statements are available upon request.

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