Drop-in Center

Oak Tree Youth Resources-Durango will be moving to a bigger place this summer, so we can offer more youth supportive services in our new Drop-In Center!!!

Drop-in centers can serve as an accessible gateway to a range of services and referrals, as they provide a space for activities, opportunities for learning and development, and even just somewhere safe for youth to hang out.

A youth drop-in space facilitates change in the lives of at-risk youth by developing a relationship of trust between youth and supportive adults.

  • Services for meeting basic needs including showering, eating, napping, internet use, charging devices, cleaning clothes, and accessing health care are essential.
  • Youth have needs that benefit from wraparound services from multiple agencies coordinated into a single plan of care.

Offering young people the chance to avoid housing instability, re-enter school, complete their education, resume creation, learn job interview skills, budgeting and other supportive services for youth ages 12-24 years. 

We help young people in tough situations navigate life’s rough edges and lay the foundations of security that can turn struggle into success.

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